A Quaker church in South Glens Falls, NY

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Chicken & Biscuit
Dinner February
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Photos from our
April Pork Dinner
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Adirondack Friends
A Welcoming and Affirming Meeting

We affirm and welcome all persons whatever their race, religious affiliation, age, socio-
economic status, nationality, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation or
mental/physical ability. We offer individuals and families, with or without children, our
spiritual and practical support.

In an effort to be clear as to the meaning of “affirming” and “welcoming” we offer the
following examples:
Members and attendees of Adirondack Friends Meeting are welcomed and encouraged
Attend and participate fully in meeting for worship
Take an active part in the life and activities of our meeting
Contribute their time, talents, spiritual gifts and resources to God through our
Apply for and serve in positions of paid public ministry or other positions of
leadership in our meeting
Test and shape their personal beliefs and daily practices and help others to do the
Invest themselves in our common efforts to improve and heal the world
Help our meeting to discern God’s will in our meeting and business.

We are willing to engage in open discussion on these issues with others, and we
respect the Christian beliefs and spiritual integrity of those who may not fully agree
with us.
Adirondack Friends Newsletter
March 2018
We are now enrolled in TD
Bank’s Affinity Program. If
you have a TD Bank account
or would like to open one, tell
them our code - AH602.
Adirondack Friends will get
credit for every banking
relationship. This is an easy
way to help support our

March 18th, stay after
worship for a snack and
adult religious ed. The
focus will be the life of
George Fox.

Recyclable plastic film is still
being collected for Harrison
Ave. Elementary. Collection
will go until March 25th.
Recyclable items include:
Grocery & produce bags
Cereal bags
Bread bags Salt bags
Case overwrap Bubble wrap
Dry cleaning bags Wood
pellet bags
Newspaper sleeves Ice bags
Ziploc and other reclosable

March’s mug dump will
go to “Take Steps for
Crohn’s and Colitis” via
“Tina’s Trotters Walk for
Lauren’s Legacy”.
This event takes place on
Saturday May 5th. If
anyone would like to
donate or join the walk,
please see Mark or Tina.
March 24th, Join us for
breakfast from 8am -
11am. $5 for kids, $8 for
The menu includes:
•Maple walnut or plain
pancakes w/ choice of
•Greek or Western
omelet w/ hash browns
•2 eggs w/ hash browns
& choice of meat
(Meals come with Toast or

Good Friday, March
30th: Join us at 6pm for a
short service, followed by
a simple supper of soup
and sandwiches.
Easter, April 1st: Silent
worship will be help from
9am to 9:30, followed by
breakfast. Programmed
worship will begin at

Lucy's Corner
Adirondack Friends Meeting